Hola from Puerto Rico

Hey CFTB’ers.  Sorry I have been absent for the past week+ but internet access at our hotel is rather spotty and I’m just getting a good connection.  Hope all of you have been enjoying your break and time off.  The gym at the hotel is actually worse than SGU’s (believe it or not) so my workouts haven’t been quite up to snuff.  But, heading back to Tucson tomorrow and hopefully will be getting in some good workouts.  Now onto business.

As stated in December 5th’s post, I hope you have been able to procure some of the items on the list.  Please do your best to get AT LEAST a jump rope for next term.  Double unders, here we come.

Some of you have also tried out CrossFit gyms back home.  SWEET!  I hope they have been fun for you and seeing what a fully equipped box looks/feels like.  This is why we need to get some equipment for CFTB.  I will be on SGA next term and hopefully my voice will be heard a little more this time around.  I’m sure it will be a slow process, but if we can snag some kettlebells, the workouts could become much more interesting.  Next term, try and let your other fellow SGA’ers know about what you guys want.  The more they hear it, the more they will get on board.

As to posting the rest over break, I will try and make some general info posts occasionally, but don’t expect too much.  If you are looking for CF workouts there are hundreds of boxes that post their workouts online.  Here are a few that I follow/steal workout ideas from.







Hope these help and keep you moving through the break.  Have a great break and feel free to email me with any questions!


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